LIfe’s a party and you’re invited!

They followed a daily discipline of worship in the Temple followed by meals at home, every meal a celebration, exuberant and joyful, as they praised God.
— Acts 2:46 MSG

Hey it's summer and we know everyone is looking for a community of people to do life with. So, we thought we would make it easy and throw House Parties. Why? Because life is a party and no one throws a House Party like C3. So grab your fam, your friends, your neighbors, grab anyone and let's party TOGETHER this summer.

Oh and by the way, Dinner Parties will BRB! (Sept to be exact)

July 5 - John’s Creek

July 6 - Alpharetta

July 12 - Alpharetta

July 13 - Alpharetta

July 19 - John’s Creek

July 20 - Cumming

July 26 - Alpharetta

July 27 - Alpharetta

June 7 - Alpharetta

June 8 - Alpharetta

June 14 - John’s Creek

June 15 - Alpharetta

June 21 - Alpharetta

June 22 - Alpharetta

June 28 - John’s Creek

June 29 - John’s Creek

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