Ps. Aaron + Caity moved to Alpharetta in September of 2015 when they relocated with their two boys, London (The Bear) and Lincoln (The Boss), to begin the journey of launching C3 North Atlanta which launched January 2017. Since their arrival, they have developed a deep love and passion for the North Atlanta area and, as a result, feel God has given them a clear Vision and Purpose for our Community! Over their 18 years in ministry they have learned through experiences, in and out of church, that building the local church is a collaborative effort - one that takes a dedicated group of people from all walks of life coming together, giving of their time and talents and treasures to Connect YOU to Jesus and Connect YOU to your Purpose.

Ps. Aaron is a coffee connoisseur, CrossFit junkie, and has quite the appetite for GOOD food. He's a friend to everyone and has YET to meet a stranger. He's highly respected in both the church and marketplace for his experience in business and leadership roles and development. His passion for his family and community is inspiring and infectious.

Ps. Caity is not just the First Lady of our church but she's also the Queen of FUN. Her genuine and loving personality is contagious and makes anyone feel like they belong. She always puts others before herself. She’s a gifted communicator and sought after consultant in the marketplace. She has a secret love for Swedish fish, and in her spare time you can find her at the pool with a good book and a floppy hat.  

Together, with their sons they have dedicated their lives to building a community of people who live to BRING Light + Life to the darkest places of North Atlanta.

They can't wait to meet you this Sunday!